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  1. Честное слово, без понятия... Сейчас попробую Вам проверить связь.
  2. 20 руб наверное. Он новый, ни разу даже не подключался никуда, но без упаковки. Сорри за офф, тут не барахолка всёж...
  3. Скажите, а короткие USB кабели могут быть кому-то нужны? Дело в том, что у меня есть привезенные из США WWD Platinum Starlight 7 и Silver Starlight 7. Мне они не нужны, так как я использую древний мультибит ЦАП без USB входа. Нюанс в том, что у них длина 1 фут, то есть чуть более 30 см. Я бы в принципе мог с ними расстаться недорого, но не знаю, используют ли здесь вообще такие?
  4. Cергей

    А кто что скажет о Torus Power?

    Да, но только это не регенератор.
  5. Добрый день. Вышла новая прошивка для M50, подробности ниже: M50 New app and firmware version notice. You will receive automatic notification to upgrade the M50 firmware. You can chose to upgrade now or upgrade later. Selecting upgrade later will reprompt you every 24 hours until you perform the upgrade. We encourage you to upgrade as soon as you receive the prompt. Please review the below for a list of the updates that 1.0.28 firmware provides: 1) User Credentials for TuneIn to link your current account and presets to your mobile device. 2) TuneIn stream selection to change to a specifically desired stream setting. 3) Regenerate TuneIn stream if paused for greater than 2 minutes. 4) Can save a Radio Program as a preset in TuneIn. 5) Continued improvement on player grouping synchronisation. 6) Resolved issue where adjust player progress bar would switch to next track or report back incorrect time. 7) Only display available Music Sources. Music Library will now not be displayed if no tracks are indexed. No Sources will be displayed if no player is selected. Required For USB Playback. 8) Resolved issue with select 24 bit ALAC files not playing correctly. 9) Resolved issue with WiMP track restarting when a player is added to a group. 10) Resolved issue when adjusting progress bar for queuing a track in WiMP, the track restarted at the beginning regardless of what App indicated. 11) Change to player discovery method to reduce network traffic and overhead from players communicating across the network. 12) Proxy playback of a removable source inserted in a Master to allow for grouped playback. 13) User confirmation that removable device has been inserted, prompting the user to refresh available sources on App Home Screen. 14) Memory safety check to ensure system does not crash on large collections (>80K Tracks). Unit will stop indexing if critical limit reached rather than continue to index. Notification and track count sent to user. 15) Readable Diagnostic page including signal strength indicator on Wi-Fi connected units, connected network shares, music library track count, available player listing – advanced diagnostic page available by following link on this page. 16) Selectable toggle option using the front panel input button when a CD or USB device is inserted. If an M52 is attached, the CD Source will not play but indicate ripping on the front panel. We apologise the option to RIP or PLAY was not completed at release but felt other features required our review to indicate we are continuing to move forward on this design. We are confident RIP/PLAY toggling will be in our next release in the next coming weeks.